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      What types of filling machines are there and how are they divided?


              There are indeed many types of filling machines. When the classification is not very strict, we can call them according to the material. For example, we call the chili sauce filling machine for filling chili sauce, and we call the edible oil filling machine for filling edible oil. Installed. In addition, we have other classification methods

              Classified according to the principle of operation. There are flow meter type filling machine, plunger type filling machine, self-flow type filling machine and so on.

              Classified according to the degree of automation. There are semi-automatic filling machines, automatic filling machines, filling lines, etc.

              According to the material form classification. There are paste filling machines, liquid filling machines, powder filling machines and so on.

              According to the material name classification. Eye drop filling machine, edible oil filling machine, olive oil filling machine, chili sauce filling machine, etc.

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