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        Professional technology, Standardized management, Pragmatic attitude, High-quality service
        Work hard and serve every customer

        24-hour service?13370027501
        Brightwin Packaging Machinery?
        Co., Ltd.?
        ABOUT US
        We are a premium manufacturer of washing machines, filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, and various packing machines etc in food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. Our CE and ISO9001:2008 certification assures you that we supply premium quality equipments that you can trust. All our machines are customized to meet every customers’ demands.
        Quality is our culture. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality and unprecedented service. Our quality control team insures that the incoming components and outgoing equipment meet or exceed customers’ requirements. Each machine is tested against customer’s samples
        3 major R&D capabilities?? Adhere to the customer as the core
        Highly recognized by the industry with integrity, strength and quality
        Strong R&D team
        R&D personnel have more than ten years of industry experience, rich experience and strong design capabilities.
        Independent research and development of patented technology, reaching the advanced level of the industry!
        Sound production system
        Specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of automated filling production lines and unmanned packaging systems in the food, pharmaceutical and daily chemical industries, in line with GMP standards.
        Customized according to user needs
        According to the different needs of users, we can specially develop and design models that are more in line with users.
        Why choose Brightwin?
        Brightwin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Technical Certificates
        Won lots of professional technical certifications
        Innovative Quality
        Brightwin's products were exported to the world
        Experienced R&D team is?strong in developing and be creative?
        Service Guarantee
        Provide you with one-stop service
        24 hours + service, perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales
        Free installation guide
        Regular inspections
        On-site commissioning of the machine
        Preventive maintenance
        “ Quality
        Superior quality, quality guaranteed!
        Brightwin does not forget their original intentions and continue to innovate
        Introduce advanced technology, strictly implement 5S production management standards, comprehensively improve product quality, and meet the strong needs of large-scale enterprises for socialized mass production with high efficiency and low energy consumption. All products are provided by original manufacturers, so you can save worry and money!
        “ Brand
        “ Discount
        Committed to providing you with more suitable products
        We have more preferential prices from manufacturers
        Build a Kangying team, Kangying products
        Benefit customers to a greater extent!
        Make a contribution of Kangying people for the improvement of product packaging business and packaging quality. Constantly develop and innovate more superior products and rationalize costs.
        We are highly recognized by the industry for our integrity, strength and quality. We insist on customer-centric and 24-hour online services. With the same quality, our prices are better.
        Quality certification
        Years of qualifications,?
        professional quality
        Systematic, standardized,?
        and quality operating system
        Innovative R&D
        Independent innovation technology
        research and development
        Kangying products comply?
        with GMP standards
        Sales network
        Sales network all over the world
        Set up convenient service centers?
        in various cities in China
        After-sales service
        National Professional Service Engineer
        Efficient maintenance?
        and repair services
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